Project eCSite Health


Health classrooms are ideal places to introduce health technology and computational thinking because these classrooms establish a foundation for student’s perceptions and choices in health. We are working to integrate computer science concepts into the curriculum that K-12 health teachers are already using in the classroom. We are focusing on the topics of nutrition, sexual health, and information seeking. The new lessons we develop will be available on the Project eCSite health webpage.

Team Members:
  • Christopher Schaefbauer, Graduate Student in Computer Science at CU Boulder
  • Katie Siek, (Project Advisor), Assistant Professor in Computer Science at CU Boulder
  • National Science Foundation under Grant No. DGE 0841423.


Christopher L. Schaefbauer and Katie A. Siek. The Potential to Integrate Computational Thinking into K-12 Health Curriculums. In Workshop on Interactive Systems in Healthcare (WISH), pp: 165-169, Oct 22, 2011.

Download: [pdf]