Dr. Katie Siek

Katie Siek is an associate professor in Informatics at Indiana University and an associate professor adjunct in Computer Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She leads students at IU and CU in  the Wellness Innovation and Interaction Lab. Her primary research interests are in human computer interaction, health informatics, and ubiquitous computing. More specifically, she is interested in how sociotechnical interventions affect personal health and well being. Her research is supported by the National Institutes of Health, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the National Science Foundation including a five-year NSF CAREER award. She has been awarded a CRA-W Borg Early Career Award and a Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance Distinguished Visiting Fellowship. Prior to returning to her alma mater, she was a professor for 7 years at the University of Colorado Boulder.  She earned her PhD and MS at Indiana University Bloomington in computer science and her BS in computer science at Eckerd College. She was a National Physical Science Consortium Fellow at Indiana University and a Ford Apprentice Scholar at Eckerd College.

Graduate Student Research Assistants


swamySwamy Ananthanarayan
Swamy is a Ph.D. student in the computer science department focusing on human centered computing. His interests are in ambient, pervasive technologies that unobtrusively monitor and gather health and wellness metrics. While this can take the form of wearable technologies, they can also be everyday “smart” objects that monitor and present information in novel and useful ways.

Swamy earned his undergraduate degree in computer engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). Prior to starting his graduate studies at Boulder he worked in industry in corporate and research sectors. Swamy started his graduate studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2008 and earned his MS in Computer Science in May 2010.

Chris PictureChristopher Schaefbauer
Chris Schaefbauer is a first year Ph.D. student. He graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science this past spring from the University of Colorado.

Chris is heavily involved in the healthcare industry – as an EMT, administrator and researcher. Although most of his time is spent working on research and other projects, he enjoys barefoot running, electronic music, and literature reviews. He also finally picked up Snowboarding after living in Colorado over 13 years.

allison brownAllison Brown
Allison is in the middle of her fourth year as a Ph.D. student.  Her primary interests revolve around people’s health as it relates to what they eat and in improving health in children and teens. Her current research is the #Health@You project.

Allison earned her B.A. in Computer Science from Calvin College, a small (but worthwhile!) liberal arts college in Grand Rapids, MI. She came to CU in Fall 2009, and completed her M.S. in Computer Science in Fall 2011 (earned concurrently as a part of the Ph.D. Program). She is currently working hard on her thesis proposal.


Kimberly Oakes

Kimberly Oakes is a  fourth year computer science undergraduate from The University of Alabama (roll tide). She originally joined the WII Lab for the Summer of 2012, but has continued working with the lab remotely. She is in the middle of her final year, with hopes of graduating in May 2013.

When she’s not doing school related things, she’s most likely cooking. She also enjoys CrossFit and running. And eating food.

Undergraduate Student Research Assistants

amy le

Amy Le

Amy Le is a third year undergraduate in Applied Math at CU Boulder. She is working with Danish on developing interfaces for Personal Health Applications (PHAs). She is a part of NSF REU, and was previously involved with YOU’RE@CU.

Sara Zhang

Erin Leonhard


  • Danish Khan, Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Now: Informatica (Bio)
  • Emily Mendelsohn, Emily is a first year undergraduate in the Chemical and Biological Engineering program. She joined the lab through the YOU’RE@CU program.
  • Halley Profita, Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the University of Colorado Boulder
  • Miranda Sheh, B.S. in Computer Science and a BA in Studio Arts
  • Alice Chien, majoring in Computer Science, Business,  and Psychology
  • Mackenzie Miller, B.S. student in Aerospace Engineering
  • Jasmine Jones, B.S. from UMBC, Now: Graduate Student at University of Michigan
  • Maryam Gooyabadi, B.S., Global Social Innovation Fellow by the Orbis Institute
  • Gerald Pulver, Ph.D. student at University of Colorado Denver Anshutz Medical Campus
  • Jeffrey LaMarche, Ph.D. student at the University of Colorado Boulder
  • Jane Meyers, Ph.D. student at the University of Colorado at Boulder