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Ph.D. Positions

We are always looking for motivated Ph.D. applicants who are interested in interdisciplinary collaboration with health and social science researchers. Students should be interested in understanding user needs, designing prototypes, and programming high fidelity prototypes in the context of health to evaluate in the field. We use user centered and community-based participatory design principles, thus students will be expected to volunteer in the communities where we do research and be willing to collaborate with community members in the design process. Students should apply to the Indiana University School of Informatics Ph.D. program.

M.S. & B.S. Research

We are always looking for highly motivated students from diverse fields (indeed, health science, aerospace, and applied mathematics undergraduates have worked in our laboratory) to work with us in our laboratory. Research can be conducted anytime during the school year for pay (if available) or credit. We are currently seeking M.S. and B.S. research assistants at Indiana University and the University of Colorado Boulder.

Possible Funding Options:

Please look at our research page to become familiar with the projects we work on in our laboratory. You may volunteer to work on one of these projects or suggest your own project. Please email Dr. Katie Siek your resume/C.V., references, and a letter specifying how our interests intersect.

We look forward to hearing from you.

WII Lab Courses

The best way to learn about what we do is to take courses that the Proactive Health Informatics group at Indiana University teaches. Take a look at courses that Katie Siek, Kay Connelly, Sriraam Natarajan, and Raquel Hill teach.