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Week 10

Week 10 of the REU experience was a very hectic one for me. We had SO MUCH DATA to analyze and interpret. For me, it was a very writing intensive week: everything below the methods section was written during this …

REU Week 9

Welcome to the second-to-last blog of the summer! Seriously, there’s only one week left. I really don’t know what to think.

We definitely had both some wins and some frustrations this week, and I feel like the best way to …

Week 5 Pictures

These were the questions that were asked at the activity for the Friday presentations

This was a box plot chart that I FINALLY MADE AFTER THE LONG STRUGGLE (Thanks Cassie)

Not many pictures this week so.. yeah.…

Week 6 – Summary

Today completed week 6 of my ProHealth REU experience.

This week, I moved and coded data for our miscarriage study. We also had to create new codes for the new activities that we uploaded recently. For our miscarriage study, we …