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Summer Blog 2

This week I continued working with the bend sensor. I made a few more bend sensors trying make them as neat as possible to ensure that the connection flows all the way through. For one of the sensors, I also …

Summer Blog #1

So this summer I am taking a couple of summer courses as well as working part time with Shayan on MuscleMemory. The MuscleMemory Bluetooth Application aims to improve communication between coaches and athletes in a group-based exercise setting by providing …

Week 8

Week 8

So the eighth week of my summer REU program was the Girl Scouts E-textiles camp, and it was a huge success! All the girls got to learn about 3D printing, laser cutting, curcuits, and how to program using …

Week #6

Week #6

I am now heading into the seventh week of my summer REU program and there is only one week left until the Girl Scout camp.

This past week I spent a lot of my time planning out how …

Week #5

Week #5

I am now at the end of my fifth week in my REU summer program and I am finally finished with my Arduino project.

Most of my time this week was geared toward sewing the lilypad parts onto …

Week #4

Officially a month into my summer REU program and I am about ninety percent finished with my Arduino project.

Last week I had a minor problem with my code but after meeting with Katie this week, we were able to …

Week #3

I am now through the third week of my summer REU program and a week closer to the girl scout camp! In my meeting with Katie this week, we discussed the things that I need to get done before the …

Week #2

The second week of my REU summer program went a lot smoother than the first. I’ve gained the basic understanding of how the lilypad and arduino function.

This week I worked a lot mainly with the lilypad buzzer, RGB LED, …

Week #1

Tuesday, May 26th was the first official day of my summer REU program and I was exhilarated! First, my mentor, Dr. Katie Siek, and I downloaded the necessary software to work with the lilypad development board: Arduino, FTDI driver, …

First Day

Met with Professor Siek and went over our goals.

I’m interested in Application design.

Summer Game plan

  • Downloading the Arduino environment
    • Ardublocks
  • Working through some arduino tutorials
  • Tweak Girl Scout materials
  • Research project of your choosing