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Week #16: Plans for winter break

Over winter break, my primary focus will be writing the background and methods for my thesis.  I’ve been reading a lot of papers and I think I have a good amount of general knowledge.  I just need to consolidate what …

Week #15: Finals

Hi – Erin and I decided to take a short break from TIDE to study for finals and work on our final projects for Distributed Systems and Databases.  I have three finals coming up in Statistics, Distributed Systems, and Databases.  …

Week #14: IRB, thesis

Our IRB still has not been approved.  The status on Kuali (our university’s IRB management system) still reads “In process.”  Typically it takes only about a week to receive a response, so I emailed our IRB officer about our application.  …

Week #13: Thanksgiving

Erin and I didn’t get much done this week because of Thanksgiving break and other school commitments.  What we plan to accomplish this week:

  • IRB resubmit – hopefully it gets approved this time!
  • more work on linking the database with

Week #9: Database is set up

This week Erin and I set up our database. Here’s a picture of our database schema:



Plans for this week:

  • resubmit IRB
  • link our database to TIDE

We plan to discuss with our advisor what an appropriate text body …

Week #7: Database fun, CSV export

Hi y’all,

Week #7 is approaching an end and Erin and I have made significant progress this week.  We have been able to respond to messages and now we are working on saving the information in a database.  Here, the …