WK 9

This week I spent a lot of time revising to our final paper and poster this week while Eugene primarily focused on our research video and adding survey content into the paper.

Final Paper: Here is what we have so far. It’s so close to being done! I am really proud of all the progress we have made thus far for this research and I am so happy I have a paper to show for all of the hard work that has been put in these past 9 weeks!

Our poster is almost “print ready” and will be printed sometime next week before the poster session! The only thing really missing is our prototype pictures (which we are still in the middle of)..once we finish that; adding that to our poster will take very little time! Check it out!

The research video is coming along nicely as well! This week I spent time writing the script so we can do voice recordings for our research video. Here is the current state of our video!

Besides almost finishing up all of the main deliverables, I also got to go climbing with Haley too! Haley rock climbs regularly and is always raving about it. I decided to try it out this week and had so much fun!! I was SO. SORE. the next day. Doesn’t this place look neat?? We went to Hoosier Heights – 10/10 totally recommend

To future REU’s:

5 things I wish I knew going into the ProHealth REU experience

1. I will be walking a lot. IU is a HUGE university. Wear comfortable shoes and power on!
2. I need to be flexible. with research, there is no guarantee everything will go as planned.
3. It is very humid here in Bloomington!
4. I will be writing and reading a lot. I am so happy this REU experience forced me to do this.
5. I will be working more than 8 hours/day. Sometimes 8 hours in the day is not enough to get everything done.

5 things future ProHealth REU students should consider doing

1. READ the Monday Motivators. Everything you need to know about the deadlines for the following week are in this email. Do NOT skim over it.
2. Make a to-do list to keep yourself on track. Deadlines are not suggestions and you’re getting paid so be sure you are able to execute everything you are expected to do… on time .
3. Network. You will be constantly surrounded by very successful people while at work. Learn about their journeys, ask for advice – they are all here to help YOU out.
4. Even though there is a lot of work to be done, set aside some time and explore Bloomington. It is beautiful here.
5. Take breaks if you need to. Yes, deadlines are there and you still have to meet them but if you are getting overwhelmed, take a little break and treat yourself to a walk to clear your head! 🙂