Week 8

Hello! Welcome to my Week 8 Blog!


It has been a roller coaster these past few weeks, with many events happening this week and ultimately preparing for the poster symposium on the last day of the REU program. My team and I have been working extremely hard and are anticipating in showcasing the the IU community our research progress and ultimately continue working during the school year. Once I return to UC Merced for Fall semester, I plan on spending about 10-15 hours a week on the research project, in which I will continue using Dedoose to find code agreements and build on the prototype project remotely.

On Monday, I had a great time working with the Girl Scouts in Ben’s paper circuits prototype. There were great progress made to this experiment when I was able to see these students participate. A particular student demonstrated high interest in the experiment in which she was able to construct a birthday card for her mother. I thought this was sweet of her!

After watching my lightening talk, I noticed my speech became impaired partially because of my uneasy tone. I was feeling nervous for some odd reason at this time. I plan on re-working on this video during the weekend and will be posted by Sunday night, and hopefully on YouTube and my website for my possible recruiters and fellow researchers to view my presentation etiquette.

The current poster draft can be accessed through the following link:

Poster Draft

Our main feedback priorities were to combine our Introduction and Background sections into one and expand a variety of pictures throughout the poster.

As of Saturday, this is the current storyboard. I plan to use the weekend to finalize the script and overview the editing software I will use. Our team plans utilizing the A Powersoft Screen Recorder to record our Prezi presentation and I will edit the video through Wondershare Filmora, in which I will add voices, background music, and transitions to fit our video expectations. A look into our storyboard is:


My Wondershare Filmora professional video software in which the video will be edited.


Flannery, Aehong and I managed to continue reviewing codes and our first three transcriptions, we all had high disagreement scores. However, this factored in codes improperly added and small glitches. Once our next transcriptions came through Dedoose, my team found much higher agreement than before. We are expecting these agreement scores to rise higher as we continue coding.