Wk 8: Analyzing all day, everyday

This week started bright and early with a Broader Impact/Service where we taught Girl Scouts about paper circuits and soldering. This went much smoother than I had expected it to. The girls I assisted understood what had to be done fairly quickly so it was very easy on my part. I really enjoyed witnessing their reactions after their LED lit up in the cards they created. Later this day, Eugene and I headed to Ethos for the rest of the day to work on the paper. We also divided up the tasks for this week. For the rest of this day, I reviewed my transcriptions and began highlighting keywords and also worked briefly on the poster draft. I love how I can work at Ethos whenever I want. I always get distracted by the chatter happening throughout our offices in the informatics building so it’s nice to have a quiet place to work.

The rest of the week was devoted to discussing the keywords we highlighted on Monday from our transcripts and try to find overall themes from our Co-design session. We did several rounds of individual/collaborative analysis throughout the week.

We also worked on our Poster draft this week as well since we had to have it ready for our mock poster presentation on Wednesday. Here is a draft of the poster we presented.

Movie update: 
We decided we are going to use Prezi for our movie.  Here is what we have so far. There is still much work to be done but it’s nice to have something down!

Lightning Talk Feedback
Our lightning talks were recorded for us to self-critique how we did. I need to work on presenting without so many hand gestures. I got distracted by the hand gestures I was doing when I was watching myself pitch my research. I also need to slow down when I’m talking and just relax. I kept on breathing at odd times and my pitch lacked flow. It was totally obvious that I was more worried about what I was going to talk about next rather than what I was currently talking about..

Mentor meeting updates
We did not have a mentor meeting this week but we basically spent the entire week with Haley as we analyzed the data for our Co-design.