Week 7

Song of the week – “Don’t dream It’s Over” by Crowded House

This song was chosen because thats what it almost is..over and I NEED MORE TIME. I’m happy I go to school here or I would be SUPER stressed, well I am but being here makes it a little bit less stressful.

Day 1- So it is Monday and I have doctor appointments, great. I took my sister to her appointment in the morning and her smart self didn’t think about the fact that she wasn’t 18 yet so she couldn’t sign jack snappity. She rescheduled it and I went to get my X-ray which was hell and a half because the referral fax refused to go through and I kept bothering the receptionist until she said AFTER THE LIKE 4TH TIME OF CALLING THE OTHER PEOPLE, that the machine mostly doesn’t work and there was another way, which made me very not happy. After that mess the X-ray person came out and said the referral wasn’t an actual referral, just a paper saying I needed a X-ray. At this point my ears are hot and I get a little snappy and he takes care of it, finally. Turns out the X-ray people do not fax X-ray or send them, so I just left knowing where it was. I go through all of this trouble just to get the the actual place to get the implant taken out, and they can’t get it out because the lady who put it in, did it wrong and put it way too deep. I was extremely irritated and just wanted to go home. The clinician who took it out said they should be calling to make an appointment the next day. I watched a movie with my sister and tried to sleep while angry and with a numb arm, it didn’t work.

Day 2- I get a call the next day saying that they will call me NEXT WEEK. Well sugar honey iced tea, that doesn’t work at all, I’m not doing this until this program is over or I’d come back the same day, which is not easy because I do not have a car and my mother is definitely not doing this again. It was Tuesday so meeting day of course so I zoomed in with Cassie, tired as all get out because I didn’t sleep, I couldn’t focus and was dozing the entire time, sorry Cassie. The numbing medicine wore off and my arm was a bit swollen and unhappy with me but I read an article, but mostly stressing about what I was missing out on. This week was not ideal, I was supposed to get taken care of, rest the next day and get my 4th of July on, but nooooo NOTHING IS EVER THAT EASY HUH?!?!?! There is not an easy breezy covergirl life..meh. I actually slept, but not at the right times so my day was a mess. Everyone basically left me with my little brother, he’s a yorkipoo and his name is Charles, I will put a picture of him in my picture blog! He’s needy but my dad cooked and it was nice. My full self went to aggressive sleep.

‘MERICA’S B-DAY BASH DAY- Smells like freedom in the air, not really but I still dressed in red, white and blue because I live here and all. I am excited for later today and the fireworks and going out to eat with some people from Prohealth (will put in pictures in picture blog) Update on my arm, it is itchy and bruised. An itchy, bruised wound is really satisfying and painful at the same time. It’s so good to scratch at, but my day was a blur, it was so hot I laid there and fell into a hot coma nap, which suck because you can’t wake up but the nap is not that good because its so hot but the in between is good when you’re falling asleep and you’re in a haze and everything hurts and feels crusty when you actually force yourself to wake up, making you feel worse. In an itchy fit I ripped off my bandages and we didn’t have and band-aids, until my savior mother came home and my sister came home with more, my insides aren’t going to fall out of my arm after all. The crew was on their way so I packed my stuff and cleaned my room. I ate a popsicle and they were in town so I left to meet them. It was hot and a blast, I really enjoyed it and before I knew it we were back in Bloomington and I was ungodly tired.

Day 4- So, close to Friday but not Friday. I am stressed beyond words. I do not deal with stress well, I freeze up trying to process all of the things I have to do, maybe I’m a computer, maybe were all computers in a simulation like SIMS. Since I am back I am back on a roll, I am on a mission to get stuff done. I met with Katie and we talked about what should be being done. We discussed having only Carla, Cassie and I reading time instead of the group to give up more time for reading. By the way, ear cleaning videos are very soothing, whoever is reading this should watch a few to sooth their soul. I went to look at some potential good posters, mostly colors but the layout of content is the most important. I didn’t feel to great so I took a sucky nap just to wake up and go back to sleep.

FRIDAYAYAYAY- Ah, Friday morning meetings, early and nerve wrecking. I have to present next week and I just want it to be over with already. The meeting went well as usual and we went with Cassie to ethos. The lightning talk was today but I was excited for the sandwiches. I practiced and practiced but when I got up there I only remembered 92% of the content I wanted to say, and it sounds like I remembered a lot but that was not the case, there wasn’t much content so to forget some is a big deal but apparently I did okay so that is okay. I ate my sandwiches and cookies and went home. I wasn’t feeling to great so I took a sucky nap just to wake up and go back to sleep. This day went super duper fast for some reason, maybe because I only did a few things.