Week 7

Welcome to my week 7 blog!

I can’t believe we are almost to the end. It’s exciting, nervous-some, and sad to leave Indiana soon. However, i’m looking forward in bringing the best REU experience possible these last few weeks.

My team spent the week finishing transcriptions and begin using Dedoose. As Flannery and I worked on the research paper and drafted the findings and discussion, we did encounter a slight conflict into understanding the main goal of the research. This was a surprise to me, but gladly we were able to agree onto one research goal.

I also went to my first SICE social (Discover IU) event for the week, in which there were free professional photoshoots. I met with Joshua Streiff, who welcomed me and greeted me with his technology and his role within SICE. I thanked Joshua for taking professional photos of me with poses. I am planning on attending the rest of the SICE social events for the summer.

Fourth of July weekend went amazing, and i’m glad to have gone to Indianapolis with my mentor and several other REU’s. It was amazing to see the city of Indianapolis, which was my first time in the actual city! (Besides the airport)


Throughout the rest of the week, I prepared my own lighting talk which was similar to a presentation I have done a week before but with a 3 minute limit. I was excited to give my presentation because it allowed me to develop my public speaking skills and it felt great to present on my research. I coordinated with Flannery on my presentation in order to avoid speaking the same speech in the same way. My lightening presentation can be found here.


My poster presentation can be found here . 

For our video, my team is planning on a Prezi storyboard. The storyboard as of now is what follow:

  1. Relevance – Why we are discussing older adults and caregivers

2. Why caregivers need a break

3. Define Respite Care

4. Problems with Respite

5. Research Questions

6. Our Process

7. What technology already exists

8. How we plan to make improvements

9. Implications

For this video, the time goal is around 3 minutes. For the CHI submission, this will be to be no more than 5 minutes.