Wk 7: Keep on dreaming on…

My week began on Tuesday because I asked to have Monday off and spend Fourth of July early. I had a very relaxing stress free weekend and I was ready to tackle all the tasks needed to be done this week. Since our co-design was held on Friday, on Tuesday Haley, Eugene, and I discussed our tasks for the week :
1. Transcribe Videos from Friday’s Co-design by the end of the week
2. Plan out a storyboard of our short video we will be creating for our project
3. Plan out our poster layout /ideas
4. Create a lightning talk presentation for Friday’s tea meeting
5. Create a presentation for Friday’s morning meeting, that Eugene and I will be presenting
6. Finalize introduction for our final paper
7. Draft Abstract, Findings, Discussion for our final paper

We recorded our 1-hour Co-design with the 360 Kodak camera. The camera splits videos into 30-minute recordings so this was nice. I volunteered to transcribe the first 30 minutes of the Co-design and Eugene took over the second half of the Co-design.

During our Mentor Meeting on this day we discussed how our Co-design on Friday went and the next steps. Eugene created visuals for Kay and Katie to see from the data we gathered from the pre and post surveys. Katie mentioned how we need to put all of our data from the Co-design on the box so we also did that as well. I was in charge of scanning the nametags participants created in our Co-design and anything they drew, however, I was not able to do this on Tuesday night. I knew I didn’t have funds in my printing account but I didn’t think that was necessary to scan documents on the printer and email them to my IU email.

During the meeting, I also mentioned my “dream” timeline for this week… I had dreams of prototyping by the end of this week but little did I know…how much we had to do before we even began prototyping data visualizations! Katie mentioned that it takes her 45 minutes to transcribe 15 minutes of video. I did not understand that at all. 45 minutes?? for 15 minutes of video?? (On Wednesday I realized how right she was). So everything is basically pushed back because we will be done transcribing our videos by the end of this week and then next week we’ll be analyzing data. We can’t prototype without data analysis and I have no idea how long that will take next week. This bummed me out because we have just a few weeks remaining- if only this research was 11 weeks rather than 10. After Haley, Rashmi, Eugene, and I discussed the tasks for the week we all went to Bloomingfoods for lunch! I had this delicious spinach wrap with turkey and pesto (I LOVE PESTO!!)

Tuesday I also had my GRE prep course but the lesson covered on this day was algebra. The information covered this day was nothing new for me so I spent my time creating the layout of the poster during the class.

Poster Draft

I began brainstorming our posters for our research project on Tuesday with the help of Haley. Both recommended the layout of THIS POSTER .

Here is a sketch of the rough draft of our poster:

Here is a picture of the poster template layout I created during my GRE course:

On Wednesday I tackled my 30-minute video I had to transcribe. This took me 3 HOURS to transcribe a 30-minute video. I completely underestimated the time I thought it would take me. I had dreams of completing this in 1.5 hours (jokes on me). I started transcribing at 9 am and ended at 12 pm. Staying focused when transcribing and not having distractions was key. I transcribed in the comfort of my bed and got it finished. I wonder how long it would have taken me if I did this in the office with side conversations always happening.

After transcribing, I took the initiative to work on the paper and started making changes for this week on Wednesday. I mainly worked on adding more details to the abstract and introduction. Monday, Eugene added peer reviewer comments to the Peer Review Table. I went ahead and also integrated these reviews in our paper, since that was not done. I also briefly worked on my Lightning Talk Presentation.

I also made an outline of our “storyboard” on a word document with ideas for our project video due in a few weeks! I’d like to say today was a very productive day for me so I am going to give myself a pat on the back. 🙂

When I woke up on Thursday I could not believe how fast this week flew by. This kind of overwhelmed me because it felt like I still had so much to do and time was running out. I had no time to waste this day because I had deadlines to meet on Friday. The bulk of this day was spent preparing for the presentation Eugene is leading in Friday morning’s meeting and I am assisting him as well. I also got more input on my lightning talk presentation for Friday afternoon’s meeting and made some small changes to my presentation based on her recommendations. The best thing about today was having pizza for lunch with my mentors and Haley’s dad, Matt. We had yummy Avers pizza that Matt bought for us. Thanks Matt! After lunch, I worked on our final paper some more and added more details to the methods section.

This week flew by! I always aim for my Friday’s to be as stress-free as possible. Since I was on a time crunch already with having Monday off, I really pushed myself Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to get a majority of my tasks completed. Today I practiced my lightning talk and then went over Eugene’s transcriptions for his assigned portion of the Co-design video to see if he had missed any details. I also worked on drafting the findings and discussions today and also worked on creating a table that displays some useful information from our Co-design.

Lightning Talk Presentation .
Lightning Talk:
[slide 1] Hello! My name is Hanifa Hotelwala and I am apart of HomeSHARE. [slide 2] HomeSHARE’s primary motive is to empower older adults to age in place. This is done through deploying motion sensors, Garmin wearables, and a tablet with a given application into participants’ homes to allow researchers to collect data and create technology that supports aging in-place.
[slide 3] The focus of this 10 weeks, however; is to dive into one of the features within the HomeSHARE application, MyData.
[slide 4] MyData currently opens up the Garmin Connect application where it provides an overwhelming amount of information. Our job is to create data visualizations specifically for the demographics aged 65 years and older so they can – better understand the data and how it may affect their health.
[slide 5] To do this we held a co-design session where upon recruitment, 6 participants were given the Garmin Forerunner 35, and we also downloaded the Garmin Connect application for them to get familiar with for 2 weeks. We are still analyzing our Co-design data but we found two main recurring themes that Older Adults really needed to make data visualizations effective for them.
1. They wanted to know how healthy they are
2. Easier navigation to prevent frustration.
[side 6] The next steps after analyzing data is to prototype these data visualizations and build them onto the HomeSHARE application.