Adding the Tricks to Week Six

Week Six – I am amazed to know i’m more than halfway into the REU experience. I do wish it was longer, yet summer is always a short term. This week has been a productive week full of data analysis, interviews, and also a family gathering with a participant’s family.


On Monday, my research team and I went to The Owelry Restaurant here in Bloomington for lunch. I was given a great opportunity to network with both Aehong and Patrick as well as receive amazing cuisine that is around Bloomington. I was able to learn about the research interests of Patrick and Aehong in depth and allowed me to think about graduate school at Indiana University. This also gave me at different views of what I would like to do in a Masters or PhD program. Currently, i’m looking at schools closer to home such as UC Irvine, UCLA, and possibly on my current campus at UC Merced. Out side my hometown, Indiana University is a good possibility.

On Thursday night, my team and I visited one of our past participant’s home for a Family Game Night. During this visit, I ate dinner and played board games with the extended family (of about 10 family members total). I was observing the full family since I have never been with an American Catholic family in my life. It was interesting to see how hyperactive the family were to one another and the large sense of unity within the family. All the children and grandchildren are always looking into helping the grandparents when they need help. The family plans many outings and activities in hopes of spending time with their grandparents. I was thrilled to see the whole family very friendly and hospitable with us. The family was very kind enough to tell us that we are always welcome in their home and to join them in their family outings. I found this very caring for a family who are inviting college researchers as us to their events.


On Friday, I gave my research presentation to the full ProHealth team. I was ecstatic to receive many positive feedback and commentary. I did receive valuable questions and feedback that will contribute to my research as I continue forward with my team. My research partner, Flannery, is hoping to help me with this and potentially revise our project by week 8. I am also happy to know that I managed to finish my first ProHealth presentation. Next one will be the symposium! 🙂


My personal website has been updated in terms of a formal structure on Work and Experience and added links to my leadership skills that describe my leadership skills.