Week 6 – Summary

Today completed week 6 of my ProHealth REU experience.

This week, I moved and coded data for our miscarriage study. We also had to create new codes for the new activities that we uploaded recently. For our miscarriage study, we reviewed the videos that we took during last weeks meeting and coded the in-person reactions as they would relate to online Facebook reactions. I had to provide feedback on the feedback I received from last Friday’s meeting. During Wednesday’s workshop, we discussed posters because we will have to create one at the end of this program for our poster presentation at the end of July. For certain types of research studies, it is okay for the posters to be text heavy; however, that is not the case for informatics. Instead of plenty of text, we need to have more visual data and results.

In my Wednesday meeting with my faculty mentor, Katie Siek, we discussed authorship and she said that we are on track for co-authorship of the paper that Bri and I have been working on for the past few weeks so, that is exciting. We also discussed additional publication opportunities such as CHI in where we can submit a paper discussing our study design. I am interested in that opportunity, but I will have to do more research on it and see if I have the time to dedicate to it once the program is over in order to meet the deadline, another thing that I have to research. In our Thursday meeting with our graduate mentor Cassie, we discussed publication goals further for our miscarriage study paper. As I mentioned in last week’s blog post, our goal is to submit to Pervasive Health Conference in 2019 so our deadline is at the end of January 2019. I would like to be one of the authors on that paper. Cassie has created a writing schedule in order to meet that deadline and during that meeting, she explained that we should look at it and see if it works for us and decide when we would be interested in working on the paper throughout the remainder of the year. In order to meet that deadline, would have to work on it once I return to school. The tasks that I am interested in working on includes:

  • Related Works (August)*
  • Methods (September)
  • Results (October)
  • The discussion (November)

This week, I did not struggle as much as I did last week with staying on task. I also felt a lot more organized. Being that we have a lot less time left that I did last week in addition to less time-consuming deliverables, I was able to complete a timeline that I believe I can definitely stick to. Most of the iterations that I would have to make to it would include me adding new tasks to it.

Here is my new timeline:


  • Finalize Related Works
    • Completely edit related works to improved flow and clarity
    • Finish all readings
    • Add new readings to related works
  • Finalize Methods
    • Add in more numerical details, add missing definition
  • Update Intro
    • Improve flow
    • Add in new readings if applicable
  • Continue to move, upload, and code data  (Activities 1-8)


  • Finalize Introduction
  • Update Abstract
    • Add in findings
  • Analyze and summarize existing data (Activities 1-8)
    • Write a draft of findings and discussion
  • Continue to move, upload, and code data (Activities 1-10)
  • Draft discussion
  • Update
    • Resume
      • On website
      • On linked in
    • Project Section of my website


  • Continue to move, upload, and code data (Activities 1-12)
  • Finalize Analysis (Activities 1-10)
  • Update
    • Methods
    • Abstract
    • Findings
    • Discussions
  • Make Project Video
  • Draft Poster


  • Finalize
    • Methods
    • Abstract
    • Findings
      • Analyze (Activities 11-12)
    • Discussion
  • Continue to move, upload, and code data (Activities 1-14)
  • Update Poster
  • Finalize video


  • Review
    • Abstract
    • Intro
    • Related Works
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Discussion
  • Finalize Poster
  • Review video

Also this week, we received our third peer review.  We had a lot of changes to make for in our related works and throughout our paper (you can see some of our feedback on my reviewer sheet) but that is okay because we are supposed to have our related works finalized by today so the ample feedback was helpful.

I’ve shown Katie my website and she said that it was good. I need to update my resume and my projects page, I also need to make sure that it looks good on various platforms (chrome, safari, mobile, etc.)