Week 5 – Summary

Today completed week 5 and it was bittersweet. I am 5 weeks from going home and seeing my family, but it also means that I will be completely done with this program and although it is still very demanding, I am enjoying this learning experience. Also, I am not sure that the remaining 5 weeks is enough to learn everything else that I need and want to learn about research.

This week:

I edited my website. There is still some work to be done, but I am liking how it is coming about. This week, we also got our peer reviews returned to us. Here are some of the feed back we received. In one of our meetings with our graduate mentor, we discussed our publication goal, we are aiming for Pervasive Health 2019. Their deadline is January 2019.

Again, I was not able to meet my reading goal; however, I was able to read 3 new articles this week. Also this week, Bri, Cassie and I , discussed how we would possibly like our video to look. Here is a rough outline of what we were thinking:

10s – Intro –> 30s – Problem –> 30s – Method –> 30s – Results –> 30s – Discussion –> 10s – Conclusion. We have not started scripting it but we have an idea of how we want it to flow and how long we want it to be.

Bri and I also graphed some of our participants demographical data and Bri presented hers at our meeting on Tuesday with our research team members in Edinburgh.

Today, at our weekly Friday department meeting, I presented in order to get feedback on how we can code and collect in person reactions to questions and comments as we would on Facebook for our PHI – Precision Health Initiative research project. Cassie, Bri and I will review the data that we collected next week and implement it in our study.

Thanks for reading!

Believe it or not, it was raining – more like drizzling – in this photograph: