WK 5: Halfway Mark

It was extremely humid (yuck), rainy/gloomy all week. I can not wait for the weather to start cooling down, autumn is my favorite season because of how pleasant the weather is during that time in Indiana.

I can not believe how week 5 is already finished. It makes me sad how fast the time is flying here. This week was very productive for many reasons.

1. My website showcasing my professional/academic work is LIVE!  www.hhotelwala.com 🙂

2. We successfully recruited 6 individuals to participate in our Co-design!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Recruitment was much slower than I expected it to be, but now we have enough to host a co-design. We are planning on hosting the Co-design at the end of week 6 because that is when all of the participants are available to do our Co-design. I wish it was sooner but we have to work with what we have. On the bright side, it gives us time to plan our Co-design, which we also did this week! We tested the our Co-design session out on three individuals who are also a part of ProHealth but are on a different project, Cassie (PhD student), Carla and Bri (ProHealth Undergraduate Researchers). We made sure they were familiar with the Garmin wearable devices before testing out the the Co-design on them.

3. I got 3 papers read this week, my goal is usually to aim for 2 but I’m starting to really enjoy reading academic articles.

Mentor meeting updates

During this week’s mentor meeting, we all went through the responses on the pre-survey of the first 4 participants we recruited and looked for trends. We also brainstormed topics we need to cover in our Co-design sessions. We were told to finalize our Co-design planning so we can practice on people before the real Co-design takes place! Kay and Katie also gave us additional readings to look at. so far, I loved reading about Consolvo et al (2008) study. Here is my summary:

UbiFit was an application created for individuals who wanted to become more active again but did not know how to start. UbiFit displayed a garden, each flower that grew in the garden symbolized an exercise that was created. Positive reinforcement strategies were implemented such that if a participant had an inactive day, the garden did not appear to be dead. Instead, the garden just lacked flowers but still showed a clear blue sky and green grass. When participants reached their goals, they would have a butterfly appear on their garden. UbiFit constantly reminded participants to be more active by setting the garden as their phone’s wallpaper. This served as a constant reminder every time participants went on their phones to continue being more active

Consolvo, S., DW, M., Toscos, T., MY, C., Froehlich, J., & Harrison, B. (2008). Activity sensing in the wild: a field trial of UbiFit Garden. In: BT – Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ’08)., 1797–1806.

I believe we can totally implement positive reinforcement strategies in our study to allow Older Adults to integrate more activities in their lives.

Peer Review Response Table
We also recieved our first round of peer reviews this week. We spent most of Monday making changes to our paper. It’s nice having a new set of eyes to look at our paper, I ended up noticing things I hadn’t before in my paper. Here is a link to our peer review response table. Response Table

Adjusted Timeline:

Wk 1: Ramp up week
Wk 2:
– read/summarize articles related to our study
– begin android tutorials and finish by the weekend (approx. 60 hours) [Udacity weather app]– Final paper deliverables* (view attached image/ deliverables are due on Fridays by 5pm.)
Wk 3
Start recruitment for Older adults and post flyers throughout Kirkwood
Continue android tutorials & finish on the weekend!
– Read ~ 2-3 papers
– Research helpful material for android development (will carry on to the weekend!)

Wk 4
– Final Paper deliverables
– Begin GoogleCode lab tutorial THIS DID NOT HAPPEN [graphing practice isntead!]
– Begin Model View View Model tutorial THIS DID NOT HAPPEN [Rashmi advised against this]
– Talked to Ninaad about graphing packages available for Android Studio that he recommends (he has experience with graphing). 
– Read ~ 2-3 papers (Read 1 paper, and Ben’s survey that he did for older adults)
Wk 5
Co-Design workshops  1 week wait,Friday Co-Design workshop with adults who wore our devices for a week. Plan co-design workshops, for implementation in wk 6
Read ~ 2-3 papers
– Final Paper deliverables
Wk 6
– Prototype data visualizations
– Read ~ 2-3 papers
– Final Paper deliverables
Wk 7
– BUILDING TIME! (let’s see if all of these android tutorials have paid off!)
– Read ~ 2-3 papers
– Final Paper deliverables
Wk 8
– continue building
– Read ~ 2-3 papers
– Final Paper deliverables
Wk 9
– continue building/hopefully close to being done!
– Final Paper deliverables
Wk 10
– Finish final paper and celebrate making it through the Pro-Health REU!