WK 2: Chaotic…. but ordered?

After a long relaxing weekend to recover from Ramp Up week, I was READY to begin my first official week of research!

Little did I know… how chaotic this week would be. Let me explain. The first thing we did at the start of this week is have meetings with our mentors and faculty advisors. We discussed the game plan for the rest of 9 weeks and the deliverables we have to meet in a timely manner. Our MAIN goal by the end of this summer is to design and build a data visualization for older adults wearing a commercially available physical activity trackers: Garmin . To achieve this goal we have to do SEVERAL things before we even start making the data visualizations. First, we have to figure out what type of data older adults would like to see on our app after using their activity tracker and how they want the data to be presented. This is essentially the “ordered” part of this week because we know where we need to be by the end of this week/end of summer.

Now the chaotic part is not knowing exactly where to start. I have been juggling readings, android app development tutorials, outlining the “Related Works” and “Methods” sections of our paper, and discussing/doing side tasks I should also be working on throughout the week… oh I am also preparing for the GRE so my goal is to also learn 10-15 new vocab words every night. I do not think there are enough hours in the day to get everything I need done, done for the day. But I am slowly getting more organized and managing my time much better than I was on Tuesday!

It is, however; really nice being busy. I always have something that still has yet to be done, I just wish I had a few more hours in the day to keep on pushing on! I wish I was a person that functions well with less than 7 hours of sleep but I am not. I still make sure I am getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Being well-rested results in productive days for me.

Now, time for me to enjoy the weekend (but also read a few more articles, and do android tutorials, and study for the GRE …. )

Cheers to the weekend!