Research Opportunity

Hello there!

On Friday, 3/25/18, was a big day for all the ProHealth REU students. We all had the opportunity to meet our graduate and faculty mentors for our research project. For myself, I am excited to work with graduate student, Aehong Min, and assistant professor, Patrick Shih, along with a fellow ProHealth REU student, Flannery Currin from Earlham College in Texas. My project involves the study of respite providers and caregivers for older adults in which I will analyze the different issues surrounding the communication of a family’s older adult and such caregiver. More information on this research is provided below in my Elevator Speech.


Left to right: Aehong Min, Gustavo Razo, Flannery Currin

Elevator Speech:

My name is Gustavo Razo, a current 5th year student at the University of California, Merced majoring in Applied Mathematics. My current research interests involve mathematical modeling and computational data science in the social and behavioral world. I am conducting research on improved communication and relationships among families and their respite care providers of older adults with Aehong Min and Patrick Shih. Through this research, I will be collecting data and transcribing interview responses of respite care participants and family caregivers and model a possible prototype that may improve communication and trust of family caregivers. This is important in the Bloomington area in order to stimulate caregiver’s repertoire in the region and improve the living lifestyle of older adults. I hope to gain a better understanding of the social behavior surrounding caregivers and apply this to a future research as I continue my education.