W1D4 : Research assignments are out!

After this full week of bootcamp I finally know what I will be doing for the rest of my time here, 9 weeks. I have been assigned to Dr. Kay Connelly’s HomeSHARE research! HomeSHARE is a home-based technology that helps researchers install, test, and evaluate technologies designed to help older adults remain independent in their homes longer. Based off of Tuesday’s presentation on HomeShare, the goals for this summer is to Co-design data visualization of wearable data with older adults, prototype/mock-up data visualization, AND build and integrate data visualization into HomeSHARE tablet app. I was very drawn to this project specifically because I am interested in strengthening my programming skills! I am meeting with my mentors tomorrow so I am excited to find out the details and specifics that I will be tackling this summer.

Today we also had an introduction to Android Studio where we got to create an 8-Ball Application. I had troubles getting to the final product. Mainly because Android Studio on my laptop became very laggy when I tried to run the application. The presentation slides detailing the code and the gitHub link of the solutions also did not line up very well so it was hard to follow for a tutorial.

Overall it was a good day. I am happy I got assigned my first choice!