REU Week 1, Day 4 (Thursday)

Today was another busy day! I don’t really have any pictures to show, but we still did some neat things.

We started off the morning by going over each other’s press releases and videos from yesterday. We then moved into determining do’s and dont’s in setting up personal websites and were encouraged to start making our own website. I’ve worked a little bit with Wix before and really enjoyed their platform, so I will likely set mine up on there; I would like to explore my options a little more, however.

Afterwards, a good chunk of the morning was spend in programming in Visual Studio. We worked on creating a Magic 8 Ball app. I haven’t worked with programming apps before, so it was pretty neat to see how it wad done; I just wish we could have had a little more time to go over the basics.

After lunch, Tom introduced us to Dedoose, which focuses primarily on qualitative data analysis. I hadn’t done this sort of data coding before, so it was interesting to see how it worked; again, I just wish we could have had a little more time.

Afterwards, Professor Habeeb presented on her project: she’s studying urban heat islands and will be having her students place heat sensors around town to track temperatures; she’s also planning on having the research participants wear on-body sensors and comparing the data collected to that of the stationary sensors.

Lastly, we got to rank the different projects and submit our selections! We’ll be finding out shortly which one we’re assigned to!