Ramp Up Week – Thursday

Today, on day 4 of Ramp Up Week, we looked at various personal websites and discussed why their layout worked and why it did not. We also started to think about what we want our own websites to look like. I already have a personal website on Wix.com; however, I am thinking about either changing the template or transferring the information over to another host site. We also learned how to use Android Studio to recreate a Magic 8 Ball app. I was surprised at how easy it was to uses Android Studio. I am not a pro at using Andriod Studio now by any means; however, I no have a solid sense of how it works.

Here is a screen grab of the app in one of its developmental stages. At this point, we had created the first screen of the app and implemented some interactive buttons; however, the buttons are not yet programmed.


After lunch, Tom also visited us again and we learned about Dedoose and how we can use it when we are collecting and using qualitative data in our studies. We also had some practice with making Affinity diagrams.

In addition to learning about new programs that we can use to conduct research, we also learned about elevator talks we had to make our own. Elevator talks are not easy to make! That’s not true, let me be clear, a GOOD and effective elevator pitch is not easy to make. I think my elevator pitch at the moment was okay. I hope that it is much better after day 5 of Ramp Up Week once I get to hear a variety of pitches at the ProHealth Tea.

Today was also an exciting day because we got to select the research projects that we wanted to work on and we also received our assignments.

For this summer, I am happy to announce that I will be working with Cassie Kresnye and Katie Siek alongside Briana Mhollins on the Investigating Women’s Health Research project.

I can’t wait to report back and let you guys know what amazing things we will do this summer.


Thanks For Reading.

If you were trapped inside all day, take a look at how beautiful and blue the sky was today: