Wk 0: Bradford Woods Trip

During the very first weekend of our ProHealth REU program, we were all driven to Bradford Woods for a weekend retreat. This weekend, I was forced to step out of my comfort zone several times. This was the first time where I practically stayed in the woods for more than a couple of hours… the first time I had the LIVE in the woods for over 36 hours. Some may say this isn’t really camping but for me, this was camping. We stayed in heavily air-conditioned cabins and ate smores (first time as well!), I was also eaten alive by mosquitos despite the crazy amount of bug spray on me. We went on several hikes and did many team building exercises. My favorite was climbing the Alpine Tower ( 50ft high). When I initially attempted the alpine tower, I only got halfway up and then got scared. I tried once more after talking to several of my peers (Susan, Gerald, and Carla) and they all encouraged me to go once more. This time, I made it all the way to the top! (See video of me descending the alpine tower)  This team bonding retreat helped me get to know all of the people I will be working with for the rest of the 10 weeks. Even though this kind of trip was a first time for me, I am very happy I got to go on this weekend retreat. All of the people I got to know are AWESOME.


Cheers to the rest of the summer!