Week 10


Savannah’s Weekly Blog

I still cannot believe it is week 10! Time is almost up and everything needs to be wrapped up and double checked. This week began with debugging the file that makes our test_facts file that is used in combination with the background files, positive examples, and negative examples. The files are inputs to an algorithm call Long Short Term Memory. This algorithm was trained and tested with openFDA data, which isn’t ideal, but suitable in this case. Due to time constraints the project had to be wrapped up before any of us would like. But we still made sure to conclude our research project well. The results, using LSTM, of our drug-drug interaction test case was about 73% accuracy, which is expected for such a less amount of data. There were 250 positively labeled drug – drug interactions and about 100 negative examples.  In addition to wrapping up my project I had to label drugs, finish my poster and print it, conclude my paper, and complete the final edits to our video.

I would again like to say how much I appreciate being apart of ProHealth REU this summer. I have grown as a person and learned many things I otherwise would not have. I met some people that I plan to maintain contact with and some people that will forever be in my heart. It was overall a great experience.

Tomorrow is the poster presentation and closing luncheon. I am proud to say that Sriraam , Devendra, Alex, Ciabhan and I were able to wrap everything up!

The sum of all my work during this summer can be viewed on github here.

Thank you, it has been a great summer.

Savannah Smith