ProHealth Summer REU – Week 8 – July 15, 2016


Date Hours Worked Total Hours Wall-sits Caffeine
Monday, 7/11/16 7:45am – 5:32pm 9hr47min 3min 3 cups: 273mg
Tuesday, 7/12/16 9:35am – 7:12pm 9hr37min 0min 3 cups: 273 mg
Wednesday, 7/13/16 8:14am – 5:41pm 9hr27min 0min 0 cups: 0mg
Thursday, 7/14/16 9:20am – 6:24pm 9hr20min 0min 0 cups: 0mg
Friday, 7/15/16  –

I’m keeping my post short this week.

(last Friday, 7/8/16)

I implemented cosine distance, and was overjoyed when I found out how easy it was to embed python within a bash script.

My lightning was received positively.  Devon received the crowd favorite vote, while Anne and myself received the Professor Connelly / Majdah award.  I got ten dollars and spent it on a ticket to “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”


Continued working on the cosine distance script, but since implementation was worked out I focused heavily on input/output.  Eventually this script would be used to match brand/generic drugs.  I hit a couple road blocks toward the afternoon, the largest of which involved brand name drugs that were actually a combination of generic drugs (up to four or five).

Savannah and I worked on our paper into the afternoon.  I wasn’t feeling well so I went home around 3:00pm and worked up until GRE prep started.


Spent the whole day working on Savannah and I’s research poster.  I get really picky on how things look, but I was quite proud with how this version turned out.

Draft of Poster

Draft of Poster


I put some finishing details on the poster and submitted it by noon.  I worked more on the script, making sure the pushes made it onto GitHub.

Most of the poster feedback had to do with the typeface size/readability, with some suggestions for intermediary images.

Professor Natarajan, Devendra, Savannah, Ciabhan, and I met at 4pm.  We updated Professor on the direction of the project.  He suggested moving directly onto the learning part (to ensure we could at least wrap up a paper by the time our REU finished), pointing me toward DeepDive, Savannah toward gradient boosting, and Devendra/Natarajan to continue on the neural network.

I read DeepDive documentation for a while and took the early steps to install it.


Spent most of the day working on logos and graphics for Devon / Aislinn’s app.

Reading group at 4pm, discussing the paper “Statistical Predicate Invention.”


Robotics Competition, gone for the day.