Week 7


Savannah’s Weekly Reflection

Happy Fourth of July giphy

This weekend was awesome. I went home and got the chance  to spend time with my family and friends. I had some relaxation time and some delicious barbecue. On Monday, July 4th I went to see a firework show in Valparaiso, Indiana. Fire work shows never get old.


Back to work! On Tuesday I began  familiarizing myself with a Firefox extension called Selenium. I spent the whole day trying to code in python using Selenium and it wouldn’t work. I then tried to figure out why. Also, I began working on the draft for my poster depicting my research for the summer.


Here is an exemplar poster/model 20160621_150822 .Friday we have another ProHealth tea. I began thinking about my one minute Lightening Talk that each of us have to do during the tea.


I am now starting to realizing how this week is flying. Today I worked on my Typing. I have been falling off a bit, but I try to work on my typing when I can. I downloaded all the necessary items in order to use Selenium. Selenium is a tool found in the Firefox browser. So far I have been walking through a very helpful tutorial to see how the tool works. I haven’t really applied it to my specific research project yet. Also, at the end of the day I sat in on a talk given by a PhD student in my lab describing what she has been working on and her findings. She has been and still is working on using Machine Learning to predict price of shipment. Given all 11 of her iterations, she has gotten below 2.5 percent in error in her predictions.


Today I began with putting the last touches on my one minute Lightening Talk. I made edits to my slides and practiced my timing. I had to cut down on excessive information to try my best to stay within the time limit. I guess my audience will be forced to come over to my Display to gather additional information (Which is the goal).     (see next week’s post)

Also, I completed my blog for the week and began reading for my reading group meeting later. Due to the Holiday there wasn’t a meeting on Monday. I plan to continuing working through the Selenium tutorial and taking my typing lessons.

Story Board — Final Project Video

I plan to have my lightening talk and maybe my elevator pitch in my video. I will have a slideshow of pictures with screen shots of the code used, the NLP working, us making our predictions, and screen shots of my final model. This will be done using a software such as Camtasia.


Friday I will continue working with selenium, typing, and making edits to my paper on Sharelatex.