Day 16 — week 6


Savannah’s Weekly Reflection


Overall, this week has been very productive. Today my focus was to extend the extraction of urls found when searching drug interactions. My code extended from extracting the urls from just page one to extracting the urls from all 33 pages. This is more difficult than it sounds. To ensure it only took urls that are even remotely relevant to me, I specified my code to only extract urls that has “forum” or “advice” included in it. Also I wrote the extracted text to a file. One issue I encountered today was although my code gave me all the urls on all 33 pages, it would only extract text from the first few urls and the last few urls. I plan to sort through which ones are extracting to maybe find out how they differ from the ones that are not being extracted. Today is the day we have a general group meeting. It was canceled, but due to some good news. Professor Sriraam took everyone out for coffee at Starbucks to celebrate. He was so excited that three papers he co-authored on were published. He had 1/7 of papers published that the publisher approved (3 of the 23 papers). Oh yea and everyday I work on my typing using

I don't drink coffee, so I ate fruit instead.

I don’t drink coffee, so I ate fruit instead.










Today I received my peer review comments and carefully considered all of them. I updated my reviewer response table (click to enlarge) and began to make edits to my paper.

Updated Reviewer-Response Table

Updated Reviewer-Response Table

I worked on my Intro, Related Works, Methods, and Findings and Discussions’ sections this week. My findings are very brief because the project I am working on still has alot of work before reaching the finish line. This actual affects my entire paper. Also, I decided to do a single blog including all the days of the week rather than two or three different blogs. At 2 pm I had a brief break and met ProHealth, SROC, and other summer undergrad researchers at IU in the Indiana Memorial Room. Everyone gather to mingle, network, and to welcome Dr. Brad Wheeler,  Vice President for Information Technology & CIO Interim Dean, IU School of Informatics and Computing  Professor, Information Systems, IU Kelley School of Business. Of course, photos were taken:

ProHealth and SROC students

ProHealth and SROC students

ProHealth REU

ProHealth REU

After the luncheon. I worked on my typing a bit. It seems to be coming along well. Then I worked on fixing my code from yesterday. I am proud to say I got it working exactly how I wanted. My problem was have it to print the text outside of my While loop. It work fine when I put it inside my while loop. Now that I completed this task I started to brain storn if I should now work on prevented my code from extracting duplicates or should I expand what it searches for. Right now it searches drug interactions in and extracts the found urls and their corresponding text. Maybe it can search drug-drug combinations, bad drug reactions, or adverse drug events. These could all bring up possible useful information. Again I am just happy to say the code I have been working on the last few weeks is now working as intended, now I can maximize its ability.  I also created a LinkedIn account to add to my Website I have been creating.


My Website:         



Today I gave myself a goal of fixing my code to not extract duplicates. I began to read the paper assigned for Thursday’s reading group meeting. I am sure the parts that are a bit confusing to me will be explained Thursday. I worked on my blog today. Then to my shock, my CODE STOPPED WORKING UNEXPECTEDLY!!! It not only wasn’t working, it wasn’t giving me any errors but it wasn’t outputting Anything! So then I began searching through my code using debugging techniques i have learned in the past. For example, trying to print some random text inside a for loop. Because it wasn’t printing , this tells me something is wrong with my for loop. Which most likely means the condition I set for my for loop was no longer being met. This is very shocking and frustrating because it was working perfectly fine about 8 hours ago. So I decided to go visit the web page I am scraping to realize that it had been completely upgraded and it looks like a platform that would be on a tablet or phone. Because of this update, some of the details changed causing my code to no longer work. Now that I have found the issue, my goal tomorrow is to adjust my code to support this new form of the webpage. Along with all this madness Dr. Siek arranged for us to have Professional Photos. These are a wonderful thing to have and it can be of great use. I took a selfie of my own also, my professional picture will look a little like :


Mock Professional Photo


Now that I know its not my code that is working incorrectly I feel better about fixing it. The update seems to be similar to how it previously was designed so I am praying that a few minor changes can get my code to work as imagined. I made some changes to my website today. I also finished reading/skimming the paper for my group meeting at 4 pm. My meeting went as normal, giving me more clarity on what I read. Of course, I worked on my typing today. If I have time, I will take a look at the Parkinson’s Disease data, I haven’t really had a chance all week. This week we don’t have a peer review due, we are supposed to iterate on our paper as much as possible. The publication Venue we will be using for our project is AAAI. The link below goes to their upcoming conferences: