week 5

This week has been on filled with non-stop things to do and I’ve enjoyed it greatly as a result. Participating in the camp was fun and a nice little work break. Whether it was helping high schoolers with paper circuits or giving them a talk on my research it was a blast. All of the reading the goes into establishing a good related works section comes in handy when giving talks because it adds more depth and range to the dimensions of what one can say.

The failure of the week must go to scraping data from the googleplay store, adding the scrapping of permissions was something that I failed at doing for 5-6 days but I’m overjoyed that done with. Every task up to this point hasn’t taken me longer than a day maybe two to get through so this was definitely frustrating but worthwhile now that it’s finally been slain.

The other major breakthrough this week is that I figured out what section of the code from the friend in the middle application deals with detecting a data leak. Which is huge because now I have access to all the different leakages that the application is testing for and that’s going to come in handy as features for machine learning.

I’m really enjoying my time in this program and can’t wait to see what both I and everyone else achieves at the end.

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