Week 4

I felt like for the most part, this week was kind of…unproductive. Due to my conditions flaring up simultaneously this week, I didn’t feel too well at all. But alas, this is the reason I want to be in health informatics – so that people like me who have chronic conditions can be eased in the challenges in their lives and the burdens they carry from having lifelong, incurable disease(s).

Anyways, this week I feel like we got things accomplished, but it was more of a “one-step forward, two steps back” type of deal.

First, the week started off on a good note at Katie’s Cook out. *Sidenote: Her mac n’ cheese was DELISH. It was fun getting to eat real good homemade food and talk to everyone in the summer sun.


Project-wise, this week we were all over the place. Our duties have required us to build a mockup application, as I mentioned in my last blog. Because we literally know nothing about going about that, it required the both of us to search for free, wireframing tools and screencasting software that would allow us to show Facebook what we plan on doing with user’s data. Feel free to click around the beginning part of our mockup app (and keep in mind this is an idea and is in no way a final version of anything.


Our next step will be to screencast this application when it is completed and send it to Facebook.

Sadly there was some miscommunication on the day we thought we were supposed to have a meeting on,  so a lot of our work was put on hold until we could meet with Patrick. We will meet with him and Fernando on Friday, and don’t worry, we have a LOT of questions to ask him. Our goal by this time next week is to have this project in order and ready to be set in motion.

During this time, Vanessa and I worked on our online presence, as well as worked on our papers. One thing we need to find out is what format to right it in, as apparently there may be a certain way to write a “Scenario-Based Evaluation Paper,” However, here is our most recent draft:


I’m confident that Vanessa and I are really passionate and devoted to our work, so no matter what little obstacles we face I know that we should be able to pull it together for the sake of our project and get things accomplished.

Here’s to a restful weekend 🙂