Day 5


ProHealth's first biweekly tea

Savannah’s Daily Reflection

Well today was a very productive today. I met with Professor Sriraam to formally meet each other and learn specific details about what I’ll be researching this summer. We are studying adverse drug effects, using previous research as a reference. See my elevator pitch below:

Hello, I’m Savannah Smith, an undergrad student at Valparaiso University. I study Computer Engineering and dream of becoming a successful programmer in the near future. I am currently researching Adverse Drug Events. The study is finding whether as a result of taking drugs, you have positive, negative, or any effects at all. The findings will help prevent future negative effects on people. I want to help to prevent the future of these Events by developing a method for automatically extracting adverse drug events from text data.

After meeting with Sriraam, we met with a couple more of our mentors that is currently working on Adverse Drug Effects or similar studies. Today was our first ProHealth tea which will be held every other Friday. Everyone had a wonderful time as we gave our elevator pitches, ate doughnuts, and drank tea and coffee. There were Amazon gift cards given to first, second, and third place.