Week 8

Week 8

So the eighth week of my summer REU program was the Girl Scouts E-textiles camp, and it was a huge success! All the girls got to learn about 3D printing, laser cutting, curcuits, and how to program using Lilypad Arduino. They were all very eager to learn and seemed to have a blast doing it!

On the first day of camp, Katie taught the girls about 3D printing and Laser Cutting. They learned about how both machines function and how they are utilized in the real world. Then the girls got to use Tinkercad and Adobe Illustrator to design their own personal projects using the 3D printer and Laser Cutter. They seemed to really enjoy this part of the program and were all very fascinated when seeing the machines working.

On the second day of camp, the girl scouts learned about basic circuitry. They got to create paper circuits using copper tape, LED lights, and a battery. After the paper circuits, they all received a Lilypad Arduino and Katie taught them all how to program it using Arduino and Ardublock. Then the girls created their own codes using Arduino to make the lilypad flash lights, play music, etc.. for the project they were creating.

The third day of camp was spent finishing up the arduino codes and making sure that they all function properly using alligator clips. Then the girls learned a bit about sewing, both on the machine and by hand. There were a lot a very creative projects such as a belt with alternating flashing lights, headbands, and even skirts. Keep in mind the girls only had one day to create this project! I thought they all worked very hard and did an extraordinary job working with the e-textiles.

On the last day of camp, the girl scouts put on a fashion show, presenting the projects that they created to their families. All the parents seemed to enjoy the show and were very impressed with the projects.

Overall, the camp ran very smoothly and was thoroughly enjoyable.

With the camp complete, my summer REU program is coming to a close. This program was an incredible learning experience for me and I am extremely grateful that I got this opportunity. Now its on to the next research project!