Table Structure Complete

We’ve made lots of progress this week. The database server is up and running and all the tables to be used in the TIDE project are set up. We currently have five tables: Participants, Scores, Messages, Responses, and Delays. The Participants table will keep track of our participants and their phone numbers, as well as their progress throughout the study. The Scores table will keep store the scores the participants earn on the PHQ9 inventories sent throughout the study. Our Messages table tracks all the messages sent through Twilio from the TIDE researchers to the participants and the Responses table tracks the responses sent from the participants back to us. If a response contains a request for a delay in the delivery of the survey, we will store that information in the Delays table so we can know when to try again.

See diagram of table structure below.

TIDE Database Table Structure


Our next step is going to be linking the database to the rest of our web application. Hopefully we can get this done in the next couple of days!