Week #4: IRB submitted, frustration with OpenShift, Grace Hopper

Erin and I have both had very busy weeks.  I had a midterm on Thursday and two more next week.  TIDE has been kind of at a stand-still while I try to figure out how to deploy the part of the application I’ve written to the server.  My own understanding of front-end development is quite shallow, but I’ve been learning as I go.  So far our application can send messages, but I can’t get our code up on the server.  I’m using Red Hat’s OpenShift PaaS cloud application platform.   OpenShift seems to think that I’ve deployed the code.  I’m going to wait until Tuesday when I see our advisor Katie to ask for some guidance.

This coming week:

  • Grace Hopper! Wednesday-Friday Erin and I will be in Phoenix at the Grace Hopper Conference.
  • Finishing our Distributed Systems project – Erin and I are lab partners and have a big project due on Thursday.
  • Wait for IRB news
  • Work more on the application