Week #3: More IRB fun

Another week has flown by! We’re currently in week 5 of the semester and my classes are picking up.  In TIDE news, Erin and I got our IBR submitted.  We originally thought we would be expedited, but another lab member, Alec, submitted his as an exempt.  Our project has some parallels to his so we ended up submitting it as an exempt application.

We decided to write our application in PHP.  Today, Erin and I muddled around and tried to get an Apache server set up to do some local development.  We ran into some roadblocks so we’re going to wait until Tuesday when we meet with Katie to move forward with that.  We’ve done some investigating on Heroku and Google’s App Engine, but we’re not sure what platform we are going to use.  Web programming is still very new to both of us (Erin and I are both specializing in Systems for our degree) so we have a lot to learn.  Next week, we plan on getting our server up and to make progress on sending and replying to text messages.  Fingers crossed that we get our IRB approved.