Day 8: Thinking further on our project

Second hand Smoke detection Project:

From our works with sensors and circuits how can we put together an accessory that will detect different types of smoke in day/night?

I think we would have to increase the magnetic field the sensor is emmiting to increase the range it can detect by using a higher voltage than 5. Also we would have to collect the values of air in the day and air at night and then collect the values of varying smokes. From the data we can input the values that are hazardous or at least the smoke that the LED would indicate that you have been around this range of smoke for [this] long.
Goals: I plan to learn more C so that I can be efficient at coding and to be able to “hack” the argiblock code whenever we are stuck.

we need to find the number values for each type of smoke and the air. from that we can input these values in order to have a different light come on for each different smoke and if you are in just plain air no light will come on.

Goals: my goals are to learn how to read code better and write code if we have the necessity to do so like we had to do with one of our circuits.

Smoke Detection Project:
code for light sensor circuit smoke detection circuit light sensor circuit
We constructed this circuit to find the difference in values of light. We want to use this to indicate how long someone has been standing in second hand smoke. This is the code to delay the collection of values for 30 seconds and comparing the old value to the new value to indicate weather it has become lighter or darker compared to the old value. Also when we continue the circuit, the value to increase the new value by 2 should be changed to 5.