Day 4: Complete 5, Start 6 & 7

Completed circuit 5:We restarted circuit 5 to see if we missed something along the set up process. After  lot of head scratching we solved it by setting the digital pin 2 equal to pin 3. The missing Ardublocks photo is as follows;
circuit 5

Circuit 6:
This circuit deals with motion sensor LED’s. We set up the bread board and tested the original code. To mimic their code with Ardublocks was a bit difficult. With assistance we set up the debugger to print everything the sensor was, sensing. Showing us the values our equalities should be ranged. Next we set up a digital pin, which is the LED, to turn on when the sensor senses values above 400. Values around 200 were normal room lighting.
circuit 6crcuit 6
The final result is provided in the youtube link below:

Circuit 7:
We created a temperature sensor. It took the voltage supplied through the circuit and from the equations we supplied to it, the sensor printed off the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Below are the equations we used, the bread board layout, the printo out the sensor fed back to us, and the ardublocks code used.
circuit 7circuit 7-2circuit 7circuit 7-3